Video gallery

Promotional video from 70. anniversary of ensemble

Surabaya Cross Culture International Folk and Arts Festival a Erau Adat Kutai International Folk & Art Festival

13.7. - 2.8.2017 we participated in 2 amazing festivals in Indonesia on Java and Borneo island.

Workshop with Alexandrov ensemble

A few of members of Alexandrov ensemble visited our school on 25.5.2017. You can see video from workshop below.

Promotional video from 65. anniversary of ensemble

65. anniversary of the ensemble

There was 65th anniversary of the ensemble on 19. and 20.9.2014.

Video projection I. - How we have begun

Video projection II. - How we played and sung

Video projection III. - How we have travelled

Video projection IV. - How we have danced

Performance of FS Trenčan in Slavkov, 16.8.2014

Spring performance of FS Kašava and FS Trenčan

There was a common performance of FS Trenčan and FS Kašava on 13.4.2014 in Zlín.

Unforgettable effect of Kubalovci - Memorial performance

On Friday 18.10.2013, there was a memorial program devoted to founders of ensemble called "Nezabudnuteľné stopy Kubalovcov".

Promo video